The Core plugin

Most of fman's basic features, such as copying files, navigating to a folder etc. are implemented in a plugin called Core. fman "eats its own dog food" in this way to ensure that the plugin API is stable and powerful enough for real world use.

The source code of the Core plugin can be found in your fman installation directory. Its exact path depends on your operating system:

  • Windows: C:/​Users/​<username>/​AppData/​Local/​fman/​Versions/​<version>/​Plugins/​Core
  • Mac: /​Applications/​​Contents/​Resources/​Plugins/​Core
  • Linux: /opt/​fman/​Plugins/​Core

If you want to write your own plugins, it is highly recommended you take a look at the above sources. They show exactly how each API function is meant to be used.