fman 1.0: Ten times faster!

I'm extremely excited to announce that fman 1.0.0 is out. fman has a rolling release cycle so the number 1.0.0 in itself does not mean much more than (roughly) being the 100th public release. Still, I wanted to do something special to celebrate the occasion.

The main improvement is this: fman is now 10 times faster! Speed has been a pain point mentioned by power users for a while. It's still not perfect. But it's a lot better.

There were numerous other small improvements. As usual, I recommend you check out the Changelog to take a look. It contains screenshots to quickly let you see what's new. To update to the new version, see here.

The next steps are to add other still missing basic features: Context menu support is the most-requested improvement on fman's issue tracker. I've been surveying users in the past weeks to figure out a good implementation. Then, progress feedback for file operations. Stay tuned!

Michael started fman in 2016, convinced that we deserve a better file manager. fman's launch in 2017 was a huge success. But despite full-time work, it only makes $500 per month. The goal is to fix this.