fman 1.3.2: Improved usability

The last release added the possibility of filtering files as you type. This makes it very easy to find just the file or folder you want in a directory with many contents. It was the most-requested feature. And even though it seems the number of first time users who complete the tutorial has gone down, the daily active users have gone up. It seems like I may just make my internal goal of doubling the number of daily active users year-over-year by December.

Anyways, the file filtering functionality still had room for improvement when it came to usability. Thanks to your feedback, it's now much better. It "feels" a lot faster as well. For the details, please see today's entry in the Changelog. Have fun!

Michael started fman in 2016, convinced that we deserve a better file manager. fman's launch in 2017 was a huge success. But despite full-time work, it only makes $500 per month. The goal is to fix this.