Qt World Summit Berlin 2018

fman uses a technology called Qt to display its (cross-platform) GUI. You can see it mentioned throughout this blog, and in a guest post on the official Qt blog, where I explain what went into creating fman.

As an avid user of Qt, I attended the Qt World Summit in Berlin two weeks ago. I had a chance to talk with fellow Qt users, and also had the pleasure of meeting some Qt staff in person for the first time. They're exceptionally nice people.

What was really cool was that several people at the conference already knew fman. Most striking was this guy: We only realised after hanging out at the conference for two days that he is an fman user:

Qt World Summit Berlin 2018 - Michael Herrmann and an fman user

Cheers Patrick ;-)

Michael started fman in 2016, convinced that we deserve a better file manager. fman's launch in 2017 was a huge success. But despite full-time work, it only makes $500 per month. The goal is to fix this.