Custom shortcuts and plugins

fman 0.0.6 was just released, and it's freaking awesome.

The new release adds support for custom key bindings, fman's most-requested feature. It is especially useful on OS X: Up until now, you had to use the function keys F5 etc. to perform common tasks such as copying files. The problem is that you normally need to press Fn to get these keys on a Mac. It is possible to change this behaviour in OS X's Keyboard Preferences (which I recommend):

Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys

However, if you don't want to (or cannot) change this setting, then you can now configure fman with your own preferred keyboard shortcuts. Please refer to this page to see how.

But that is not all: Do you remember the post about fman's core values?

Looks matter.
Speed counts.
Extending must be easy.
Customisability is important.
But not at the expense of speed.
I/O is better asynchronous.
Updates should be transparent and continuous.
Development speed matters more than program size.

Of the above points, Extending must be easy has been fman's weakest. Well, no longer! The new release adds support for writing your own plugins. One thing that's really cool about the implementation is that fman's own commands are all implemented in a plugin. This means that third-party plugins have access to an extremely powerful API that will get even better with time. For more information about plugins, please see the (new) documentation.

There are still a few more improvements I would like to implement before beginning work on the Linux version of fman. Stay tuned!

Michael started fman in 2016, convinced that we deserve a better file manager. fman's launch in 2017 was a huge success. But despite full-time work, it only makes $500 per month. The goal is to fix this.