fman on macOS

On macOS Catalina and later, fman requires special configuration to prevent unnecessary permission popups and to ensure that all of fman's features work as expected.

Full Disk Access

If you want to avoid popups like the following:

fman would like access to your folder

Grant fman Full Disk Access. To do this, open the System Preferences and select Security & Privacy. Scroll down to Full Disk Access:

Catalina Full Disk Access dialog

Click on the lock in the bottom left corner to make changes. Enter your password when prompted. Then click on the Plus + button. Select fman (it should be in your Applications folder):

fman grant Full Disk Access on Catalina

Once you have done this, you should see the following:

macOS Catalina fman has Full Disk Access

Deleting files on macOS

The first time you delete a file in fman or invoke the Get Info command, you get the following popup (on macOS Catalina or later):

fman wants access to control Finder.

You must grant fman this access, or deleting files / calling Get Info won't work.

If deleting files does not work for some reason (that is, the files re-appear after you have deleted them), then you can try right-clicking on a file and selecting "Get Info". This should hopefully bring up the above dialog. If you confirm with OK, then deleting files should work from now on.

If you don't get the dialog. Open the System Preferences, navigate to Security and Privacy, scroll down to Automation. There, ensure fman is permitted to automated Finder:

macOS grant fman Automation access to control Finder