Sharing plugins

Once you've written a plugin, you can make it accessible to others via GitHub. Just create a repository with your plugin's files there and add the topics fman and plugin. For example:

Your plugin is displayed in fman's "Install plugins" command as follows:

You can see that the description of your repository on GitHub is displayed inside fman. Use this to your advantage! Instead of the wordy description "fman plugin for doing XYZ", use "Do XYZ". On top of that, it's great when the description already explains how the plugin can be used. The above example does this by mentioning the plugin's main keyboard shortcut Ctr+Enter in the description.


GitHub lets you tag any version of your repository as a release. Before fman installs a plugin, it first checks if such a release exists. If yes, it downloads it. Otherwise, fman simply uses the latest commit.

You don't have to use releases if you don't want to. But they do have the following advantage: When a release of your plugin exists, you can commit potentially breaking changes to the repository. fman always installs the release version so your users will not be affected. Once you've deemed the accrued changes stable enough, you can draft a new release for fman to use.